ERG Leader Bootcamps

Hands-on, live-led virtual training:

❶ Launch - for brand new ERGs 

❷ Grow - for ERGs started but needing more traction 

❸ Thrive - For more established ERGs wanting to have a broader and deeper long term impact. 

$595 per person per Bootcamp
includes paperback copies of the ERG Handbook + Companion Workbook containing 41 ERG management tools! ($49.95 value)

Want your organization to be recognized as a leader of diversity and inclusion? 


Bootcamp attendees may also opt to be certified per the level associated with each Bootcamp.

(save $125 if Certification is purchased with a Bootcamp) 

See Certification page for more info!

Bootcamp curricula based on the 2021book by ELA's Vice-Chair, Aimee Broadhurst


The ERG Handbook:
Everything You Wanted to Know About ERGs but Didn't Know Who to Ask

Bootcamp Curricula

LAUNCH Bootcamp: For brand new ERG leaders starting or restarting an ERG program.

APRIL 27, 2021   10 am - 4 pm ET


  • Structuring your ERG

  • Outlining the Inclusive Space Progression Model and Pillars

    • Mapping activities to the Progression Model and Pillars (Pre-Launch/Launch)

  • Building your business case

  • Creating vision & mission statements

  • Developing leadership roles and responsibilities


  • Developing an ERG Leadership Model

  • Creating a launch plan

  • Developing meeting routines

  • Welcoming and onboarding executive sponsors

  • Setting up for success – administration and business support 

❷ GROW Bootcamp: For ERGs already underway that need more traction in communications, programming, funding, and measurement


May 4, 2021    10 am - 4 pm ET


  • Recruiting your leaders and teams

  • Working on a budget and funding

  • Putting communication routines in place​

  • Planning programming

  • Starting to use metrics

  • Developing reports

❸ THRIVE Bootcamp: For more established ERGs striving to create a broader and deeper impact.

May 7, 2021     10 am - 4 pm ET

  • Developing and implementing a multi-year plan

    • Brainstorming ideas, Prioritizing those ideas, Laying out the plan, Aligning the plan to the pillars and across teams

  • Making talent planning routine

    • Assessing leader development, reviewing top talent, outlining talent planning

  • Developing your process for launching ERG chapters

  • Recruiting and engaging allies

  • Leading and inspiring as an ERG leader

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