Expert ERG Trainer Certification

Deliver ERG leader training to your own & other organizations

If you've led an employee group in the past and want to help train others, get certified as an Expert ERG trainer.

Why get certified as an Expert ERG Trainer?

  • Be licensed to train leaders in your own organization as well as earn consulting fees to train leaders in other organizations including ELA clients.
  • Add an impressive credential to your email signature, resume, LinkedIn profile and other career assets. Be optionally showcased on ELA’s website and shouted out in email and social media.
  • Clearly demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
How It Works

Certification Process


  1. Apply below.
  2. Upon approval we'll send you an agreement, travel policy, W9 (if based in the US), plus a link to pay the $2995.00 program fee.
  3. When we get your  completed documents and payment you'll get access to all the materials to complete the suite of ERG BlueprintsTM.
  4. Submit your completed ERG Blueprints for review and get ready to attend one ELA client training session as a student and a second as a co-trainer with one of our already certified trainers (time may vary from 1-4 hours per session).
  5. After successfully co-training you are certified! You'll get a printable certificate and directions on how to add your new credentialing to your email signature and LinkedIn profile.
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John Sands

Why John joined the ERG Leadership Alliance™ and became a Certified Expert Trainer

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