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Fast track ERG learning & success with ELA's ERG BlueprintsTM 

The Six (6) ERG Blueprints  teach leaders what to do while they build their essential plans.

Implement best practices and create powerful plans
for all of your ERG(s)

The ERG Blueprints are designed to give ERG leadership teams enough structure and direction to run a strong, sustainable employee group - without restricting leadership autonomy or group uniqueness. 

They also help coordinate the current team and serve as references for future leaders and teams, Executive Sponsor(s), and the Diversity Office so everyone can best support the employee group.

The full set of Blueprints are in ELA Online, the online reference library included in all ELA membership levels

Meet the Blueprints

Blueprints are 2-3 page fillable PDF documents that start with a short summary of what it is and why it's important to ERG success. From there, you'll find questions for you and your leadership team to consider and answer. Some Blueprints include planning charts and/or critical planning considerations. Once filled in, you will have a complete plan to set up success for your group and your own leadership experience.

The 6 ERG Blueprints are:

  • Defining Your Group’s Purpose, Leadership Process & Roles
  • Recruiting & Onboarding Members, Leaders & Executive Sponsors
  • Selecting Programming that Best Supports Your Members, Diversity & Business Objectives
  • Informing & Engaging All of Your Group’s Stakeholders
  • Collecting and Reporting Critical Group Metrics
  • Ensuring Your Own & The Leadership Team’s Development
Sample a Blueprint

Three ways to train & use the Blueprints

Learn & Do Independently

The ERG Blueprints are intuitive and available in ELA Online, included in all membership levels. Leaders can certify for an additional cost by submitting their completed Blueprints for review by ELA.

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Live-led Blueprint Intensives

Live-led Intensives are led by Certified ELA Expert ERG Trainers and can be delivered onsite or virtually. Choose one or more Blueprints. One hour per Blueprint done back-to-back or spread over time.  

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Coach-assisted Learning

Leaders complete Blueprints on their own schedule and attend six one-hour, private group coaching sessions with an ELA Expert Trainer. Intersectionality and accountability are achieved as group plans are completed and submitted for ERG Leader Certification.

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