ERG Leader Certification

A confidence-enabling credential for both leader & group

Benefits of Certification

  • Get your ERG plan completed and reviewed by an expert
  • Impressive credential to add to your resume 
  • Certification badge to add to your LinkedIn profile
  • Certified ERG leaders featured on the ELA website
  • Shout out congratulations on ELA's social media
  • Printable certificate to proudly display in your office

How It Works


Step 1

Register for a certification (links below).

Step 2

Review The ERG Handbook and Companion Workbook - and/or - Attend a Launch, Grow or Thrive Bootcamp. 

Step 3

Submit the completed worksheets for that level of Certification. 

Step 4

Schedule a time to discuss your plans with ELA's ERG experts.

Step 5

Sit back and celebrate your awesome accomplishment!


Download Directions & Checklist

Have multiple ERG leaders who want to be certified at the same level?
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Emerging Leader


Intermediate Leader


Expert Leader


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