ERG Leader Certification

Get the credential and confidence to be the best ERG leader you can be.

Level 1: Emerging ERG Leader * Level 2: Intermediate ERG Leader * Level 3: Expert ERG Leader

  • Complete your ERG plan and have it reviewed by an expert

  • Impressive credential to add to your resume

  • Certification badge to add to your LinkedIn profile 

  • Certified ERG leaders featured on the ELA website

  • Shout out congratulations on ELA's social media

  • Printable certificate to display in your office


Step 1: Register to be Certified (see below for registration links)

Step 2: Attend one of ELA's Bootcamps - Launch, Grow, or Thrive - more info here

Step 3: Submit all your completed worksheets discussed in that Bootcamp.

Step 4: ELA will invite you to schedule a 1 hr slot to present and discuss with 1-2 ELA Board members.

Step 5: If requested, revise any worksheets and resubmit for review.

Step 6: Sit back and celebrate your new certification and accomplishment!


$199 per Certification + $495 per Bootcamp = $594 total*

You may attend Bootcamp only and register for Certification at a future time.
* Eventbrite registration fees in addition


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