ERG Leader Certification

Gain confidence about your leadership & an impressive career credential 

Get expert review & verification on your ERG leadership knowledge and group plans

Why get certified as an ERG Leader?

  • Verify and be confident that you are doing a great job leading your group.
  • Add an impressive credential to your email signature, resume, LinkedIn profile and other career assets (optional showcase on ELA’s website and shouted out in email and social media).
  • Clearly demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
How it Works

ERG Leader Certification is an option available to every ELA member

  • Go to ELA Online and find the six (6) ERG Leader Blueprints 
  • Complete the Blueprints on your own, in a small group workshop or coaching program 
  • If not already in a coaching cohort, purchase your certification inside ELA Online ($349) 
  • Submit your completed Blueprints for review by an ELA Expert ERG Trainer
  • Upon successful completion, you'll be sent a certificate and information on displaying your new credential proudly online! 
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