ERG Leader Certification

Confident validation & a valuable career credential 

Get expert review & verification on your ERG Leader knowledge and group plans

Benefits of Leader Certification

  • An effective way to attract, train, motivate & reward ERG leaders
  • Leaders get a unique, impressive and lifelong career credential, printable certificate and online badge for LinkedIn
  • They are showcased with other Certified Leaders on ELA's website 
  • Congratulatory ELA social media shout out upon certification

Emerging Leader


Intermediate Leader


Expert Leader


Have multiple ERG leaders who want to be certified at the same level? Contact us

How It Works


Step 1

Register for one or more of the certification levels.

Step 2

Learn from a Public or Private Bootcamp or eclass.

Step 3

Complete and submit your ERG planning worksheets. 

Step 4

Meet with an ELA Master Trainer virtually to review and certify your plan!

Download Directions & Checklist

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