In our mission to share ERG best practices across organizations, we regularly bring together diversity & inclusion champions with all different experiences and perspectives.  We facilitate information sharing as well as creating synergies to create new and better ways to help ERGs launch, grow, and thrive.

Online ELA events include bi-weekly Virtual Taskforce Tables & ERG Showcase Studies that are free to attend but limited to 10 people only. Recordings of these events are subsequently available to all ELA Online members.

In-person ELA events include Symposiums. Ticket prices vary per event with non-profit and multi-ticket rates available.

We also offer virtual ERG Bootcamps with optional Certifications.

We would love to see you at a future ELA event!

P.S. Sponsoring an ELA event is a great way to demonstrate your organization's commitment to diversity & inclusion. Sponsorships include many valuable, tangible benefits - learn more here.

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