The ERGs of ERGs.

ELA is the largest community of ERG champions based around the world, representing all types and sized organizationsĀ 

The ERG Leadership AllianceTMĀ (ELA) is the largest global community of ERG champions representing every industry, size, and location. By collaborating and sharing outstanding practices across corporations, non-profits, government agencies, academic institutions and the best-known business brands, ELA's community is driving the ERG market and collectively pushing the diversity needle around the world.

We work together so everyone can belong.


DEI professionals and ERG oversight managers, employee group leaders and executive sponsors, allies and vendors all rely on ELA's industry expertise to learn, confirm and create strong, sustainable employee groups. We train, certify and connect the people and processes needed to enable ERG operational efficiency, optimize every employee's experience, and ultimately contribute tangibly to the culture and financial objectives.



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