Need extra ERG expert heads and hands?

We can help.

ELA Consulting Services

  • ERG Operating Manual Creation – working with your DEI team, we’ll facilitate building the ERG governance guide and operational directions using ELA's best practices template.
  • ERG Policy & Procedures Guide Creation or Review – working with your DEI team, we’ll help you build a solid ERG oversight guide that includes operational processes and policy rules using ELA’s best practices template found in the ERG Intelligence book.
  • ERG Leadership Council Administration – let us help set up and run your leadership council monthly or quarterly meetings. We’ll document the process, create and send invitations, track to do’s, take meeting minutes and archive them in a designated place for easy reference.
  • ERG Member Success Stories – we’ll interview identified ERG members and deliver video and text-based success stories that can be shared with your entire organization to showcase ERG impact.

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