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Employee group leaders have limited resources & even less time. Give them the essential assets they need to make the most of it.

Annual membership includes unlimited access to curated resources from ELA’s global community. 

Individual memberships can be purchased below.

To purchase multiple memberships for ERG leadership team(s), schedule a quick call. 

What's included:

  • Recordings of ELA’s Learning Labs & Past Symposia main session recordings
  • ERG Templates including a Policy & Procedures Guide, the ERG Leader & Executive Sponsor Readiness checklists
  • The 6 ERG BlueprintsTM including * Defining Your Group’s Purpose, Leadership Process & Roles * Recruiting & Onboarding Members, Leaders & Executive Sponsors * Selecting Programming that Best Supports Your Members' Diversity & Business Objectives * Informing & Engaging All of Your Group’s Stakeholders * Collecting and Reporting Critical Group Metrics * and Ensuring Your Own & The Leadership Team’s Development
  • Other curated ERG resources including : ELA’s Diversity Calendar, ERG Intelligence book with Policy Guide & Leadership Summit Agenda templates, ERG Trends Leadership Briefings, and more!

$149 per person

All ELA Online Members also receive 20% off their ELA annual ERG University ticket!

(Annual subscription begins the day of & auto-renews until canceled)

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