Oversight Manager Membership

Real-time peer collaboration. Extensive Resources. Decision support.

With oversight responsibilities, you deal with things like ERG leader recognition & rewards, group governance, intersectionality, and equitable budgeting. 


Your role is emerging and no one else at your organization does quite what you do. 


We created the Oversight Managers Group just for you.


$1995 per year, per person for as long as you're a member

Your OMG Annual Membership supports you in multiple ways

Immediate, unlimited access to the ELA Online Reference Library
Monthly Zoom mastermind meetings based on topics chosen by the group, like:
  • ERG leader compensation & non-cash rewards
  • ERG metrics & reporting
  • Finding, keeping & training great ERG leaders
  • Dealing with ineffective or disengaged ERG leaders & Executive Sponsors
  • ERG succession planning
A private, online forum where you can access OMG meeting recordings as well as pose questions to your peers ANYTIME
The opportunity to get - and give - critical decision support, extraordinary professional information, connections & confidence online and in-person
Unlimited use of ELA's Multi-ERG Progression Assessment Tool so you can see where all of your ERGs are in ONE report

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