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Your job involves setting & enforcing often unwanted, controversial policies & processes to manage people who don't report to you.

To say it is challenging is an understatement. Plus, you may be the first and only person in your organization doing it.

That’s why we created Oversight Manager Membership. This very special community freely shares knowledge & resources - and perhaps most importantly, they compassionately confirm one another's workplace experiences.

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$1995 per year, per person for as long as you're a member

Your OMG Annual Membership supports you in multiple ways

Immediate, unlimited access to the ELA Online Reference Library
  • ELA’s Learning Lab & past Symposia main session recordings

  • 6 ERG BlueprintsTM

  • ERG Leader & Executive Sponsor Readiness Checklists

  • ELA’s Diversity Calendar, ERG Intelligence book with Policy Guide & Leadership Summit Agenda templates, ERG Trends Leadership Briefings, and more!

Monthly Zoom mastermind meetings based on topics chosen by the group, like:
  • ERG leader compensation & non-cash rewards

  • ERG metrics & reporting

  • Dealing with ineffective or disengaged ERG leaders & Executive Sponsors

  • ERG succession planning

  • ERG Leader Summits - Retreats - or Other Group Events

  • Helping Burned-out Leaders 

An on demand private forum to get help & review shared resources
  • Ask (and answer!) anytime - an ERG oversight lifeline!

  • Access the OMG Member Resource Library on demand for member exclusive assets, including: Member intro directory, mastermind recordings by date and topic and member-shared resources.

  • Connect with other oversight peers around the world at other organizations.

  • Don't stress if you miss a meeting or zoned out while attending - recordings always available!


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David Doan Management Consultant, Senior Manager at Accenture 

Why David values the ERG Leadership Alliance Oversight Managers Group


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