ERG Trainer Certification

Become an expert ERG trainer for your own & other organizations

Accelerate your career and DEI oportunity with this unique ERG-specific expert credential.

Learn from the best

Over the course of 90 days, you’ll do a combination of independent & group learning, as well as work side-by-side with one of ELA's Certified ERG Trainers. Once certified as both Expert ERG Leader (if not already) and ERG  Trainer, you can teach ERG leaders at your organization (and others) without waiting or paying for one of ELA’s trainers.*

You’ll also have the option to be paid to teach ELA’s clients!

All students you train must purchase individual licenses for eClasses. Discounted volume pricing and referral fees are available for ELA Master Trainers and their clients.


Who this is for

  • ERG champions who want to train ERG leaders in THEIR OWN organizations
  • ERG champions who want to train ERG leaders in OTHER organizations as an independent consultant.
  • ERG champions who want to earn extra income by training ELA Clients!

Pre-requisites & Cost

All Master Trainer Candidates must be certified at the Expert ERG Leader level as the first part of Master Training certification process.

  • Candidates who are already Expert certified invest $2095 to go through the audit and co-teaching process (includes unlimited access to all three Bootcamp eClasses and other digital assets).
  • Candidates who are not yet Expert certified can commit to expert leader certification and MT training together for $2995.
  • Your MT credentials are good for one year from your certification date and need to be renewed annually for $1000 to maintain your access to the quarterly update meetings and current training materials.

How it works


Step 1

Submit your application via this online form.

Step 2

If your application is accepted, we’ll send you five documents to review, sign and return before you commit (general terms and conditions, NDA, consulting agreement, T&E policy, and a W9).

Step 3

When we receive your documents, we’ll provide you with a link to purchase training at your qualified level ($2095 or $2995). As soon as payment is made, you’ll be granted unlimited access to all three (Launch, Grow and Thrive) Bootcamp eClasses along with the required Expert level certification worksheets and templates.

Step 4

Over the next 90 days, you will:

- Present your Launch, Grow & Thrive work in order to certify an Expert ERG Leader. If you haven’t already, you’ll attend ONE upcoming ELA public or private Bootcamp as a student. Lastly, you’ll co-teach a public or private bootcamp with one of ELA’s Master Trainers;


- If you’re previously certified but haven't yet attended a live-led Bootcamp, we will schedule you to attend ONE upcoming ELA Bootcamp as a student. The final requirement is to co-teach a Bootcamp with an ELA Master Trainer.


Once you’re certified as an ELA Master Trainer

You'll receive personal badging on LinkedIn, a printable certificate and major shout outs on ELA's social media and website – but most importantly, you'll be one of only a few verified ERG experts in the world!

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Master Trainer FAQ

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