Vicki Ghaffarzadeh Appreciates the Pan Asian Valent Employees (PAVE)

Feb 03, 2023

ELA: Vicki, tell us about what PAVE did that you specifically appreciate.

Vicki: PAVE sets the bar high for a new ERG. In their first official year, they've put on several great lunch and learn series for our 4 organizations, sharing information about the varying cultures of our AAIP colleagues-- including the coordination of providing authentic foods for these events for our multiple locations in the US. Not only are their events educational, they are incredibly fun and interactive.

ELA: What impact did they have on you with this specific action?

Vicki: As a leader of an ERG myself, PAVE is inspiring and exemplifies how to run successful informative, fun, engaging, and well-attended company events. And as a ally member of the ERG, PAVE has help me--a white, cis, straight woman-- learn more about the AAIP culture and the experiences of my fellow colleagues. lay a pivotal role in assistance me with advancing our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Roadmap.

ELA: What impact did this have on others?

Vicki: As crimes against the AAIP population have increased in the US, PAVE's lunch and learn series offers a unique opportunity to introduce VGC employees to their fellow AAIP colleagues. By having ERG members share their experiences, PAVE put a name and face to the different groups that they represent and help reinforce our company culture that celebrates and embraces DE&I.

ELA: Why was this action unique or especially challenging to accomplish?

Vicki: Nowadays, it's hard to host a DE&I event highlighting different groups of people without getting political or offending someone. Yet PAVE continues to successfully accomplish educating colleagues and sharing their experiences with engaging stories, fun activities, and delicious traditional foods.

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