Tiffany Capece appreciates Desmond Jackson.

Oct 10, 2023

ELA: Tiffany, tell us about what Desmond did that you specifically appreciate.

Tiffany: Desmond is always trying to find ways in increasing DEIB awareness and how to specifically impact each of the Business Resource Groups we have in our Company. He also has ownership and takes on so much responsibility. I appreciated that recently during one of our Rainbow Berg meetings Desmond was referring to an individual as "he" when that individual preferred to go by "they/them." Recognizing after the meeting he was in the wrong immediately he apologized in our Rainbow Slack channel and addressed what he had done and that it was wrong and he will continue to try and do better.

ELA: What impact did Desmond have on you with this specific action?

Tiffany: I felt like that public written apology went such a long way in so many ways. It showed that Desmond will own up to when he has done something wrong. It shows that he takes ownership to practice what he "preaches" when it comes to DEIB and it shows that it is okay to make a mistake if you own up to it, apologize and stay committed to being better.

ELA: What impact did this have on others?

Tiffany: So many people reacted to his message with hearts and clapping hands. Desmond has such an impact in our company and it is because of the amazing work he does through DEIB and how caring he is to each person he interacts with.

ELA: Why was this action unique or especially challenging to accomplish?

Tiffany: I feel like it takes alot of vulnerability awareness to own up to a mistake and apologize and truly practice being better. There are so many others that would have just brushed this incident under the rug and would not have apologized publicly. Or perhaps some people would have apologized but privately to the impacted individual only. Not thinking that it actually impacts the entire community. Desmond sets the bar high and that is why people want to do better and contribute more within our organization. It's because we have outstanding leaders such as him.

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