Marinda Monfilston appreciates Devon Riley & Earl McCoy Jr.

Jun 30, 2023

ELA: Marinda, tell us about what Devon & Earl did that you specifically appreciate.

Marinda: Devon & Earl are the newest members of my team and in their short time with us (3-4 months), they have gone above and beyond to create, implement, lead, and support diverse and inclusive programs for our affinity group staff members. In June alone, they have supported 25 affinity group events and meetings, and 122 events and meetings between March-June.

ELA: What impact did Devon & Earl have on you with this specific action?

Marinda: Devon & Earl have the most infectious and positive can do attitudes. For example, even when no one else was willing to help plan a virtual new hire welcome event, they stepped up and made it happen, in order to insure that new hires who couldn’t attend the first event in person since 2019, still had an opportunity for engagement.

ELA: What impact did this have on others?

Marinda: Because of Earl & Devon, the dynamic duo and newbies at Yale, we had robust programming during AANHPI heritage month, kicked off the first Yale Latino Networking Group speaker series in years, and hosted a networking panel event to help employees sell themselves for the next job opportunity. They have done an excellent job of creating opportunities for staff members to build community, grow professionally, network, thrive, and belong.

ELA: Why was this action unique or especially challenging to accomplish?

Marinda: It’s not easy to navigate and lead via influence with affinity group leaders and volunteers who also have full-time day jobs, but Earl and Devon made it happen with grace, patience, and persistency.

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