Mandi Costic appreciates Melissa Helf

Mar 08, 2023

ELA: Mandi, tell us about what Melissa did that you specifically appreciate.

Mandi: In her role as a DEI Partner, Melissa provides never-ending support to all of the ERGs at WPS.

ELA: What impact did Melissa have on you with this specific action?

Mandi: As an ERG leader, the partnership with Melissa has been so special! I can always count on her to bounce ideas off of as we work to grow our ERGs. I also have grown to call her a friend which is the best part!

ELA: What impact did this have on others?

Mandi: Melissa's support has helped all of the ERGs at WPS to thrive. Specifically, she has been an integral part of launching the new women's ERG and disability/mental health ERG. Her leadership has allowed these new ERGs to start making an impact within the company from the very beginning. Melissa also helped each ERG secure a budget which allows us to do even more for employees!

ELA: Why was this action unique or especially challenging to accomplish?

Mandi: Launching a brand new ERG is hard work, let alone two new ones! I know that we could not have done this without Melissa. All four of the current WPS ERGs owe an immense amount of gratitude to her work.

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