Jillian Monahan appreciates Beth Scott

Jun 20, 2023

ELA: Jillian, tell us about what Beth did that you specifically appreciate.

Jillian: Beth has done a great job bringing awareness to DEI initiatives and employee resource groups to our company over the past two years. In addition, she is always open to offering guidance and suggestions to new leaders and cannot wait to watch her efforts flourish as the years go on and this program grows within our organization.

ELA: What impact did Beth have on you with this specific action?

Jillian: I was nominated to lead an ERG unexpectedly when an employee left and she has been a great help in guiding and supporting since I did not have the traditional transition like other leaders are able to do.

ELA: What impact did this have on others?

Jillian: This decision would be important because it was assigning a leader to a newly created ERG (just over a year old) which had already been assigned 2 leaders previously. She had to make a recommendation that would help set the group up for success and get it going again.

ELA: Why was this action unique or especially challenging to accomplish?

Jillian: Due to an unexpected employee departure, Beth had to turn to her peers to look for guidance on who should lead the ERG I now lead. The former leader had only been in the position for the same reason for a short period, and wanted to make sure it was a proper fit for the group as well as company as a whole.

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