Bill Hendrix Appreciates Vicki Ghaffarzdeh

Feb 06, 2023

ELA: Bill, tell us about what Vicki did that you specifically appreciate.

Bill: Vicki has been an absolute leader for not only the DiverseABILITY ERG but has helped all the ERGs at Valent USA. She had to step in to assume the Chair role after the departure of the past chair—she did this quickly and without any issues or dropped ball, even though her plate was already very full.
She has provided all nine Valent ERGs with resources on education (including ELA).Her energy is incredibly infectious, and she has been instrumental in attracting additional members to the ERG.

ELA: What impact did Vicki have on you with this specific action?

Bill: As the advisor to the ERGs, it has been great to see someone take on such a visible leadership role within the ERGs. She always has the time and energy to help even when I know she is fully engaged with work priorities and home/life balance issues.

ELA: What impact did this have on others?

Bill: With the transition to new ERG leader, Vicki has been very organized and energized for the ERG. As mentioned above, she has also helped all the other ERGs with support documents and educational materials. She is one that all the ERG members look up to.

ELA: Why was this action unique or especially challenging to accomplish?

Bill: Valent has only had a group of ERGs for about 1 year. Seeing someone like Vicki embrace the message and really run with it has been gratifying to see as well as motivating to others. She is not in a people leader role, but in the best way possible, she has become a true people leader that others look to and are guided by.

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