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Virtual Taskforce Tables

NO COST -  Via Zoom - Expert Facilitated 

Limited to 10 participants


What, When & How to Do Effective Programming - July 8

How Can ERGs Support Parents - Jul 16
How to Get and Use Numbers to Drive Change - Jul 29

Non-Exempt Employees & ERGs - Aug 5

Expanding Internationally - Sep 9

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ERG Showcase Case Studies

NO COST -  Via Zoom - 

Limited to 10 participants


Equinix - July 20

NY City Schools - Aug 12

Hasbro - Aug 19

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We are the ERG of ERGs.

We help ERG leaders efficiently get the knowledge, tools, and support they need to start and sustain successful employee groups.

We offer both online and in-person opportunities to learn and connect while recognizing that ERG leaders don't have time or money to waste.


  • Understand proper group governance & policies.

  • Attract and engage members.

  • Set a course for long term success that achieves ERG, D&I and the organization's business objectives.


  • Measure and increase member participation & engagement.

  • Find high-impact programs to offer your members.

  • Extend your ERG to new chapters and geographies.




  • Use relevant success metrics to report out and receive better funding. 

  • Increase ERG allyship and sponsorship.

  • Be an ERG role model & mentor within your company & elsewhere.


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