What Every Leader Needs to Know About Employee Groups

Written in a quick and easy-to-read FAQ format, you'll quickly learn what ERGs are and how well-run employee groups are critical for every organization.


What's Inside

  • Key definitions so everyone in your organization is speaking the same language
  • Critical and controversial considerations for setting up employee groups
  • The internal employee group ecosystem involved, and the overall stakeholders affected
  • Cross-industry ERG trends and best practices
  • A complete template to create your
    organization’s guide for employee groups and set governance
  • A sample agenda for employee group leadership summits or retreats

Endorsed by some of the top DEI changemakers.
Here's what they have to say.

ERG Intelligence helps you 

Get Ready

You'll become fluent in common employee group terms, structure and activity

Get Set

You'll know the right policies and procedures to balance consistency with individuality

And Go!

You'll be able to measure ROI and effectively communicate success



Alyssa Dver founded and leads the ERG Leadership AllianceTM, the largest association of employee group champions, who are together making all workplaces diverse, equitable and inclusive. Alyssa’s “day job” is leading the American Confidence Institute where she has empowered over 350,000 people using basic brain science. She has received a Stevie Award for Thought Leadership, delivered two TEDx talks, hosts the popular Real Confidence podcast and teaches at MIT and Wharton innovation centers. Alyssa is a spokesperson for both L’Oréal’s IT Cosmetics brand and The American Distilling Institute. ERG Intelligence is her 8th expert-endorsed book.